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Update from the Serbian /Croatian border - 18.09.2015

On the Serbian /Croatian border, seven border crossings are currently closed (see map.) It is not clear whether refugees are able to cross the border on foot. Essentials (still water, food, protection from the sun, rain and cold) are needed on both sides of the border. Since the borders are closed to traffic, you must decide early, which side of the border you will approach. It is possible to enter Serbia and Croatia from Hungary, but expect long waiting times and strict border checks.
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Update from Röszke by Fluchthilfe und Du - 14.09.2015

Source: „Fluchthilfe & Du“ on Facebook (with video)

We have stayed almost a week around Röszke observing the situation around the field camp. Today we walked with a group of refugees from the Serbian side of the border to Hungary – via train tracks towards Röszke‬. Mostly families. Many kids. Being told that busses await them in a few hundred meters, no registration forced upon them, transport towards Austria organized for today. Refugees were cheering while arriving. That was how it worked all afternoon. The border was open at Röszke. (mehr …)