who we are

We, activists of „Freedom not Frontex: Vienna“, consider ourselves as part of the extra parliamentary left that does not seek to act in solidarity for but with refugees. A part of this is to understand antifascism as integral for antiracist struggles and to take a stand against the state, nation, capital and the capitalist, sexist and racist power structures that are closely intervowen with this structuring of society. It is necessary to analyze the interaction between migration and class structures – and to understand that racism is not disconnected from the capitalist state. Furthermore, every criminalization of ‚smuggling‘ needs to be fought against. We take a stand against the European border regime and its agencies, as well as the capitalist structuring of society and the overall racist climate in society that enables agencies like Frontex.

Protests of refugees must be made visible and documented – and need to be supported beyond charity structures that strengthen existing power structures. Every deportation must be seen as an ilegitimate act of violence and fought against. Yet, it is not just this violence that is to be rejected, but also more subtle oppression like the racist consensus in the public formation of opinion, the ignorance about the interaction of different forms oppression (like the connection of racism & sexism) and the gradual displacement of workers and migrants in the urban area. Inclusion is essential for the struggle against the Fortress Europe: As important critique – for example a critique of media discourse – is, it is important to make existing information available – be it through translations, the support of migrant protests or the visualization of the demands of refugees.

Especially in view of excessive state repression (which means violence) against refugees, the goal must not be to make those institutions „softer“, but to connect with one another and jointly fight them!